About Me


Tennis is a wonderful game and it is a game filled with happiness. I want to share this joy with many people. This sport is so special because it keeps your body healthy and your soul happy. Whether the children are big or small or healthy or living with a disability, I work with children in order to provide them this happiness from tennis. This was the motivation to start my tennis school and to become a honorary ambassador of the Special Olympics.

Sports and games are complementary in my perspective. Sport includes a battle and a will to win, but I do not think this is a battle with someone else. This is a battle with ourselves to find the ability to overcome our weaknesses. This is the philosophy I wish to teach my students.

Our intention is not to develop professional tennis players. Through tennis, we want to help children be happy and have a healthy lifestyle. If I can give the children the ability to be creative, to have positive thinking, and to adopt fair play in their minds, then learning tennis will be very easy and will happen effortlessly. This is the belief at my tennis club and the Happy Tennis program has been built on the same philosophy. With this program we hope to strengthen the interest and the desire to play by helping the children to have an open mind about tennis, a sport that is so close to our hearts.